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Delayed Radiation Injury – (Soft Tissue & Bony Necrosis)

Osteoradionecrosis (Breathing Your Way to Wellness with Brian Propp)

T.C. – Age 55

“Oxygen Oasis Hyperbaric Wellness Center provided me the environment and treatment to successfully recover from delayed radiation injury due to throat cancer.  I was scripted for and received 60 hyperbaric treatments.  Oxygen Oasis was able to uniquely treat me in a mono chamber where I laid down alone in an acrylic tube and in a multi chamber where I was able to sit up in a community atmosphere with other patients.  I preferred the multi chamber over the solitary treatment in the mono chamber.  After 60 treatments I no longer experience the painful cramps that once paralyzed me multiple times per day, and I have an increased range of motion in my neck.  I highly recommend Oxygen Oasis for anyone seeking hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a healing modality. ”  


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