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Non-healing wounds are often associated with inadequate circulation, poorly functioning veins, reaction to radiation therapy, traumatic injury, and immobilization. Non-healing wounds of the feet among people with diabetes are one of the most common non-healing wounds, and one of the most significant complications of diabetes. Left untreated or not treated timely or properly, wounds may become infected, and lead to severe disability or even amputation.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is beneficial for many types of chronic wounds. Patients breathe 100% oxygen at increased atmospheric pressure. Oxygen levels rise and are carried into the plasma and tissues surrounding the wound. Chronic osteomyelitis, diabetic wounds, ischemic wounds, and late radiation injury are some common wounds that can benefit from HBO treatment.

  • enables damaged cells to produce the extra energy needed for healing
  • stimulates the growth of new blood vessels to improve circulation
  • helps the body fight infection
  • reduces inflammation and edema

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